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Swedish Massage

This classic massage technique uses long, fluid strokes to manipulate the muscles.  This method not only offers specific therapeutic benefits, but also affects other, non-muscular aspects of the body, such as nerves and glands.  The result is improved circulation and overall relaxation.  60 or 90 minutes. 


Therapeutic Massage

This massage is customized to address areas of particular need.  Working with your therapist, different areas of your body receive concentrated attention.  Your muscles are massaged with firm, deep strokes, easing muscle pain and relieving tension.  60 or 90 minutes. 


Deep Tissue Massage

More intense than either the Swedish or Therapeutic technique, this massage reduces tension by moving, lifting and separating muscle groups, relieving pain and dispelling stress.  This vigorous approach also promotes circulation and assists in detoxification.  60 minutes (partial body); 90 minutes (full body)


Heated Stone Massage

In this unique massage, heated river stones are applied to the body and used as massage tools to manipulate muscles.  The intense, penetrating warmth of the stones improves circulation, melts away stress, and restores balance and clarity to both body and mind.  60 minutes.    


Dual Therapist Massage

In this massage, two therapists work in unison using a Swedish modality.  With four hands expertly massaging your body, your relaxation is increased exponentially, leaving you renewed, revitalized and refreshed – and wondering where the time went.  60 minutes. 


Massage Extras

Each can be added to any massage treatment


Scalp Massage

Our specially formulated combination of oils is massaged into the scalp.  Penetrating essentials relieve tension and stress, and they are also known for stimulating hair follicles.  10 minutes



In this massage, the hands and feet – home to thousands of nerve endings that directly connect to your body’s central nervous and organ systems – are manipulated, promoting holistic balance and increasing natural energy levels.  30 minutes. 


Aromatic Oils

Your choice of a variety of healing scents to be added to your oil and/or massage cream.  Increase your vitality, ease tensions and deepen your relaxation. 


Body Treatments

Sea Salt Skin Glow

This treatment applies an exfoliating sea salt solution to your entire body.  Our special, iodized formula produces skin that is clean, silky and smooth, dramatically transforming your appearance.  But this treatment is more than skin deep; it will also increase circulation and restore your vitality.  60 minutes


Aloe Vera Full Body Herbal Detoxifying Mask

Experience the detoxifying powers of natural aloe.  Your skin is first exfoliated and cleansed with a thorough loofah scrub.  Then a full body aloe vera mask is applied and left to work its magic.  When you emerge from the mask, your skin will feel supple, renewed and purified.  Combine this with a reflexology session for a satisfying, total body experience.  60 minutes. 


Seaweed Body Wrap

A treasure from the sea, this body wrap exfoliates and detoxifies the body, while replacing lost essential moisture and minerals.  After a short loofah scrub to clean the skin and promote circulation, a therapeutic seaweed mixture is applied to the body, which is then wrapped in soft sheets and a thermal blanket for 20 minutes.  The seaweed is rinsed away, and then luxurious moisturizers are massaged into the skin.  The results are dramatic and immediate, with the skin left clean and glowing with renewed vigor.  60 minutes. 


Sugar Body Buff

A sweetened version of our sea salt glow.  Finely granulated sugar and rich oils combine to heighten your feelings of tranquility.  A gentle exfoliation leaves your skin supple and silky smooth.  You will feel the relaxing and cleansing qualities of this treatment over your entire body.  60 minutes


Desert Red Clay Wrap

Purifying desert red clay is applied over the entire body.  A set of fresh linens is used to wrap the clay and allow it to fully envelope you.  This fabulous clay clears out pores and tones your skin.  Enjoy the serenity of this amazing connection to Mother Earth.  60 minutes



European Facial

A personalized analysis of your skin type begins this treatment.  Your skin is cleansed and exfoliated, and steam and massage work to draw impurities out through the pores.  A massage of the face, neck and shoulders follows.  Finally, a specially formulated mask is applied and then removed, and finished with a toner and moisturizer.  The result?  Smoother, more elastic skin and a softer, more youthful you!  60 minutes


Luxury Intensive Facial Treatment

Following a paraffin wax treatment to the hands and feet, the facial begins with steam and two complete cleansings of the face.  A scrub and extractions follow, after which, a specialty mask is applied.  You finish with a facial massage, toner and moisturizer.  Upon completion of this luxurious treatment your hands & feel will feel smooth while your face will look and feel healthy and rejuvenated!  90 minutes


Firm and Lift Mask

A luxurious facial especially designed for firming and toning the skin.  After a skin analysis, two cleanings under steam therapy, and extractions of impurities, the face and neck will be gently massaged.  The Firm and Lift Mask is applied followed by a toner and personalized moisturizer.  The treatment leaves the skin feeling toned, firm, youthful and balanced.  And those dark circles under your eyes will have magically disappeared!  60 minutes


Papaya Enzyme Peel

This thorough treatment includes cleansing and exfoliation, the extraction of impurities, relaxing steam therapy and a wonderful massage of the face, neck and shoulders.  The oh-so-gentle all-natural peel is superb for those with oily and combination skin types and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and blemishes.  60 minutes


The Ultimate Facial Treatment

This ultimate treat to your skin is a must!  The treatment consists of 3 masks, each designed to clean, firm and tone the skin.  This facial starts with a personal skin analysis.  A steam, scrub and two different types of cleansing masks slough away impurities and dead skin cells.  After a wonderful massage of the hands, face, neck and shoulders, a final cool mask is applied.  We add a personalized serum of essential oil to assist in penetration of the moisturizer.  With this ultimate treatment you’ll notice improvements in skin texture and tone that will be evident while relaxing your body and mind at the same time.  90 minutes

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